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Tech&Law Israel is the first website of its kind, bringing news and up-to-date information from the Israeli and global Legal Tech scene. Our target is very simple – to bring legal technology to the forefront of the Israel market, as fitting for the Startup Nation.
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What Is Legal Tech?

Legal Tech is a term describing the use of various technology tools for different legal services. These Legal Tech developments are constantly attempting to change the traditional aspects of the legal market, in every way possible. The past few years have shown an enormous growth in the field of Legal Tech globally – the establishment of thousands of new companies, a large increase of financial investments and a growing variety of developments that allow the Legal Tech field to become involved in every legal service imaginable.

“Legal technology is booming, with companies attempting to disrupt the legal space at every level and from every angle”
-TechCrunch, December 2014.

The various software, services and developments in the Legal Tech field can be divided into two different categories. The first includes the different developments whose goal is to create tools that will help lawyers, partners and others do their work more efficiently. This category includes office management programs, advanced search tools, debit management, allowing the coping with complicated regulations easier and more.

The second category contains the various technologies that attempt to decrease the need for lawyers in different instances. Automatic conflict resolution and legal document generators are only a few examples of tools that allow those without previous legal knowledge to overcome legal problems – without the need to pay legal fees.

“There are indeed hundreds of legal startups popping up all over the US and Europe”
-Forbes, February 2015.

Globally, the Legal Tech field has been active for many years, but in Israel, is only taking its first steps. Tech&Law is the first informative website that deals with the Legal Tech field in Israel, and the only one that provides up-to-date, important information in Hebrew.

Who Are We?

Tech&Law is an initiative by Robus, the leading strategic consulting company that provides business development services and holds unique expertise in the Legal Marketing niche. Robus has accumulated vast knowledge and experience in the legal marketing field, servicing tens of law firms on any given time, both global and Israeli.

Adv. Zohar Fisher, the founder of Robus, is a vastly experienced strategic and business advisor and also a commercial lawyer. Adv. Fisher has been practicing business development for law firms for many years and was the business development manager in one of the leading and largest Israeli law firms.

Robus also offers its variety of services to entrepreneurs and Legal Tech companies looking for assistance in entering the legal market. The company’s vast experience and profound acquaintance with the legal market allows it to become an effective mediator between the technological and legal worlds. For additional information, please contact us.