The Database of Israeli Legal Tech Companies is the one and only place to gather and list all legal tech startups and tech companies with lawyers-tailored products that have been founded in Israel. 

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Autorni2016Autorni is an Artificial Intelligence powered legal dashboard that automatically creates a full up-to-date picture of your corporate and commercial affairs.Business Management Solutions, Artificial IntelligenceSeed
LawGeex2014LawGeex is transforming legal operations. Our artificial intelligence solution helps legal teams automate the review and approval of contracts. We make in-house legal work easy, efficient and impactful, allowing our customers to focus on the big picture instead of getting lost in the paperwork.Contract ReviewSeries A
Road Protect2015Road Protect provides a variety of services in the field of administrative management systems for businesses and individuals, including an online platform that helps motorists understand when and how to contest a traffic ticket.Automation
Legally2017Legally translates legal language to everyday language. Our online platform connects customers with lawyers thus transforms the legal process to an accessible, affordable and hassle-free service.
Contract Review
assist-antAssist-AntAssist-Ant is a smart text completion app, aimed at saving valuable time for legal professionals by auto-completing common phrases, laws, regulations, forms and templates and by learning your personal writing style.
Word Add-ons
legalupLegalUp2015LegalUp is shaking up the legal documents automation market. Our platform enables organizations to boost their efficiency by enhancing customer experience while generating contracts or completing forms. Unique modules enable organizations to easily comply with complex regulations.
Document AutomationSeed is the global database of verified identities with service for online and offline verification, digital signatures and online dispute resolution with legally enforceable decisions.Identity Proof, ODRPre Seed
valyouValyou2016Valyou helps users evaluate their legal cases. Valyou is a data and analytics company, built to provide a simple way for anyone who is facing a legal dilemma to discover its potential and access relevant legal data when needed the mostBig Data, ResearchSeed
BAVLIBAVLI2017Bavli is an OCR product converting scanned documents to docx documents which you can edit and search in. Bavli also keeps the original structure of the file with tables, paragraphs and images. Its specialization is that it supports over 50 languages with extremely high fidelity to the original document.OCRSeed
opensourceCMopensourceCMopensourceCM is an enterprise level application enabling legal consuls to better manage their contract or any other legal related documentation. It offers machine-driven business flows of the complete "life-cycle" of a contract. Furthermore, opensourceCM offers the ability to import and export data from and to a variety of business applications and tools already available in an organization, thereby eliminating tedious hours of information extraction already found in the organization's databseץContract Lifecycle Management (CLM)Operational