Israel's 2nd Legal Tech Conference


Tuesday, June 27th 2017, 18:00

 WeWork Hazerem, HaPelech 7 St., Tel Aviv

Why Should I Come?

Tech&Law is the first legal tech community in Israel (powered by Robus Legal Marketing), bringing together individuals that aspire to innovate and disrupt the legal market as we know it. In our second event you'll get to meet some of the brightest minds in Israel's legal tech scene, as well as prominent attorneys from leading Israeli firms. This meetup will be your chance to get real, valuable insights about the fascinating world of legal innovation.


Meet the leaders and innovators that are changing the legal market day in, day out.


Lawyers will learn how they too can be innovative, entrepreneurs will get to learn what lawyers are really after.

Stay Ahead

In the world we live in, change is the only constant. Take part, stay ahead.


Ido Goldberg

Legal Tech Consultant at Robus, Head of Tech&Law Israel

Ido is a Legal Tech Consultant at Robus, and head of Tech&Law, the first ever legal tech platform and community in Israel. For the past year and a half he has been working on promoting the use of legal technology in Israel, and has left almost no stone unturned in the process. Ido also regularly writes about legal tech in Tech&Law's blog, and has spoken in legal tech events both in Israel and abroad.

Mike Sims

President of BARBRI

Mike is the president of BARBRI, an international company widely regarded as a leading legal education and bar exam preparation company. Mike, which was also a Special Assistant in the US Senate in his past, leads the company, and holds vast knowledge about the fascinating intersection between tech and law.

Zach Abramowitz

CEO of ReplyAll and Legal Tech Columnist

Zach is a former corporate lawyer at Schulte Roth and Zabel in NYC, founder of ReplyAll and one of the leading writers on legal technology and innovation. His columns and conversations appear in Above the Law and Bloomberg as well as TechCrunch. He speaks regularly at legal conferences all around the world. Many of the leading disruptive legal companies are customers of ReplyAll.

Esther Dediashvili

Legal Knowledge Manager at Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co.

Ms. Esther Dediashvili, Adv. is a Legal Knowledge Manager at FBC & Co, one of Israel’s premier full service law firms. Prior to her role as the firm’s Legal Knowledge Manager, Ms. Dediashvili practiced securities and corporate law for seven years in two leading law firms in Israel. Legal knowledge management as a concrete discipline is hardly existent in Israel, and FBC & Co is regarded pioneer in that field in the Israeli legal arena.

// AGENDA //

  • Gathering & Exhibition18:00

    Grab a beer and check out the legal technology companies' exhibition.

  • Greetings19:00

    Adv. Zohar Fisher, founder of Robus.

  • What Have We Been Up To?19:05

    Ido Goldberg. What Tech&Law Israel have been up to recently, and where is our community going.

  • Technology in Legal Education19:20

    Mike Sims. The implantation of Technological tools in legal education.

  • What Are Firms Looking For?19:40

    Adv. Esther Dediashvili. What are the challenges currently occupying Israeli law firms, and how can Tech help them solve it. Practical advice for both entrepreneurs and lawyers.

  • Legal Innovation vs. Legal Tech20:05

    Zach Abramowitz. Legal Innovation vs. Legal Tech - Why they're different and why it matters.



Bis-Tec specialize in providing high complex solution in the fields of computer forensic, EDiscovery, Cyber and Big data analysis. We provide end to end solution including software, hardware, services and training.


LawGeex is transforming legal operations. Our artificial intelligence solution helps legal teams automate the review and approval of contracts. We make in-house legal work easy, efficient and impactful, allowing our customers to focus on the big picture instead of getting lost in the paperwork.


Autorni is an Artificial Intelligence powered legal dashboard that automatically creates a full up-to-date picture of your corporate and commercial affairs.


LegalUp is shaking up the legal documents automation market. Our platform enables organizations to boost their efficiency by enhancing customer experience while generating contracts or completing forms. Unique modules enable organizations to easily comply with complex regulations.

openSource CM

openSource CM is an extremely important cost-effective solution saving companies significant amounts of funds in managing contracts by completely transforming how they manage risk, enabling them to shorten sales cycles and reduce costs.


Assist-Ant is a smart text completion app, aimed at saving valuable time for legal professionals by auto-completing common phrases, laws, regulations, forms and templates and by learning your personal writing style.

Legal Business Lounge

LBL is a unique business platform created for lawyers by lawyers. Our vision is to empower the lawyer's community and position them in the forefront of business. LBL consists of 3 pillars: Database of transactions in Israel and abroad, professional collaborations and transfer of cases between lawyers.

Road Protect

Road Protect provides a variety of services in the field of administrative management systems for businesses and individuals, including an online platform that helps motorists understand when and how to contest a traffic ticket. Road Protect was developed by Smart Vehicle Repairs Ltd.


Bavli is an OCR product converting scanned documents to docx documents which you can edit and search in. Bavli also keeps the original structure of the file with tables, paragraphs and images. Our specialization is that we support over 50 languages with extremely high fidelity to the original document.



LawFlex is Israel’s first legal resourcing venture, and has a pool of over 200 well qualified and experienced lawyers who work flexibly and efficiently. LawFlex’s main objective is to provide support to law firms who wish to grow their team as and when needed, by supplying them with the right lawyers, qualified in Israel and abroad.

Silk Road

Silk Road Group provides full stack PR & Marketing solutions for Israeli companies in APAC, and specifically in China. We offer seamless brand localization and communication strategies customized to each unique business requirements and to the local culture and trends.


RELS Advanced Technologies is a SAP Gold Partner and has been value added reseller (VAR) for SAP Business One® for more than 20 years. RELS brings to you industry specific vertical solutions and best practice from our years of experience, and is the only SAP Business One® partner providing a comprehensive ERP solution to Israeli law firms.


Legally translates legal language to everyday language. Our online platform connects customers with lawyers thus transforms the legal process to an accessible, affordable and hassle-free service.

Cryptonomica is the global database of verified identities with service for online and offline verification, digital signatures and online dispute resolution with legally enforceable decisions.


Entrance to our event is completely free, but requires registration. So, what are you waiting for?

Time is ticking and space is limited.


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  • Address: HaPelech 7 St., Tel Aviv.
  • Parking available right outside the venue.
  • We impose a strict no-tie policy in our events. It goes better with the beer. 
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