The Tech&Law department is extremely proud to have joined the international organization Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC), which serves as a go-between the legal sector and the blockchain players.

Mr. Or Bakai, head of Tech&Law Israel adds: “We are honoured to join GLBC. It’s a great resource and initiative which can help Israeli law firms, entrepreneurs and the legal community to harness the power of the blockchain revolution, into the legal sector – in ways which are changing before our very eyes. We eagerly look forward to initiating diverse and innovative initiatives with the GLBC”.

The Global Legal Blockchain Consortium is comprised of over 90 large companies, law firms, software companies, and universities that have united to develop standards to govern the use of blockchain technology in legal sector.


The organization has defined five guiding principles:

  1. Use of open source software  – A blockchain by its nature must be of open source in retain its trustworthiness among its users.
  2. No vendor lock-in for members – Members commit to never create barriers or limitations that would make it difficult for users to switch between blockchains.
  3. Support of a variety of blockchains – Recognizing that blockchain technology is an evolving technology, the organization embraces a variety of blockchain solutions.
  4. Low development costs – Membership in the organization creates an ideal environment for collaboration in professional know-how, research and development.
  5. Investment in and research of blockchain solutions – The organization encourages members to invest in and research blockchain applications.

What is the connection between blockchain technology and the law?

Legal Tech Convention and Events:

The Tech&Law department hosts a variety of networking events, conventions, professional seminars and lectures in the field of legal tech, in order to spread the legal tech news across the startup nation. We aim to offer the community our knowledge and experience, and to keep assisting the market in becoming more efficient and optimal.

Thousands from Israel and abroad have already participated in the department events, which have hosted keynote speakers from Israel and abroad. The department also hosts an annual legal tech convention, the recent of which included over 400 participants.