It is no secret that numerous law firms in Israel use – at best – outdated technology which does not answer the constantly changing needs of the legal world. According to research provided by the legal tech company CLIO in 2017, based on the firm’s 60,000 international clients,  lawyers use only 29% (!) of their time handling billable tasks. This means that theoretically, 70% of a lawyer’s time isn’t paid for nor does it create real value for the client or the firm.

We aim to fix this by offering a variety of optimization services to law firms, accountant firms and in-house legal departments. To do so we offer the following:

Optimization Services

Analysis of organizational "pains"

Our firm holds one-on-one meetings with the law firm’s team in order to define the weak spots or challenges of the organization.

Tailoring legal tech products to the customer’s needs

Following the analysis process, we are able to offer a number of solutions from a wide variety of legal tech companies.

Implementation and follow up

We provide on-going counsel during the process of implementation of the new solution or service to ensure its smooth adoption.

Connecting legal tech companies and law firms, in Israel and abroad:

The Israeli legal market is very complex and has many obstacles to entry.  Robus enjoys broad experience following years of connecting entities to law firms. The Tech&Law department harnesses this experience and brings it into play, providing solutions to Israeli legal-tech companies who wish to enter the local market. With the support of the International department, we assist them in entering the international legal market.

Lectures and workshops in the field of legal tech and information cyber security:

The main obstacle of law firms seeking to purchase and implement legal tech solutions is employee adoption rate. The firm fears that after having purchased the service and invested resources and human capital in its implementation, the solution would not be fully adopted by its employees, nor implemented as part of the company work culture.  

The Tech&Law department team provides lectures, seminars, workshops and courses so as to assist in the implementation of the new work processes, services and solutions. Our firm highlights the importance of implementing the novel solutions, for both the employees’ personal development and productivity, as well as for the overall efficiency and competitiveness of the law firm.