Who We Are

The Tech&Law department is Israel’s first and leading legal tech platform. The department leads the legal tech field in Israel and is considered the ‘gateway’ to Israel in this fascinating sector.  The Tech&Law department is the exclusive Israeli ambassador of the European Legal Tech Organization, ELTA

The Tech&Law department constitutes a source of knowledge in the legal-tech sector, delivering professional content such as updates, spotting of new trends and in-depth analysis of the legal tech field in Israel and the world. Nevertheless, the department’s core business activity remains the fostering of collaborations and the integration of services, products and technologies into the legal sector. The department is also very active in social media, attracting thousands of followers from Israel and beyond.

The activities of the department come into play, among others, through hosting and providing assistance in the organization of legal tech events and conventions. The department is proud to have stood behind Israel’s first-ever Legal Tech Convention; the national annual legal tech conventions; the first ever Hackathon event in the field of legal tech, and many more exciting events.

Thousands of participants from Israel and abroad have already benefitted from the department’s events, which in turn have become yet another stepping stone for the progress and development of this important field.

The activities of the department are divided into several components:

  • Accompanying Israeli and international legal tech companies – The department provides consulting and strategic advice services for legal tech companies with regards to entering the legal market in Israel and abroad. Likewise, the department delivers a marketing and consulting package which consists of promoting products and companies online, via professional websites, newsletters, social media and more.
  • Accompanying in-house legal advisors – The department assists in the implementation of products and services for in-house legal departments from a variety of companies and corporations.
  • Technological solutions – The department provides Israeli law-firms with the most efficient technological solutions for their office’s continuing needs.
  • Raising of investment capital – The department assists local and foreign legal tech companies in raising the capital they need for their development and expansion.

The Tech&Law department sees it as its mission to be ‘a welcoming home’ for both technology and law enthusiasts and to promote the legal tech field in the startup nation in a way that is accessible and of the best quality. Thus, even lawyers who do not see themselves as ‘tech savvy” will learn to understand the importance and contribution that technology could bring to their own success.

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How did we begin?

The Tech&Law Platform was founded as an initiative of Robus Consulting & Legal Marketing, and has since grown to become the company’s Legal Technology department.

Robus provides consulting, marketing and business development services and has a special niche for law-firms and accounting firms. Among its customers are many dozens of Israeli and International law and accountant firms, the latter of which are furthermore accompanied by the company’s international department.

Robus has broad experience with the legal market in Israel and abroad, which it harnesses in its day-to-day activities in order to give its clients the best of services.

What is Legal Tech?

The field of legal technology deals with a variety of technological services aimed at one of the following two goals:

  1. Improving and optimizing both the quality and the accuracy of materials produced by both the individual lawyer and the law firm.
  2. Providing technological solutions to law firms, and via the firms – to the end customers – (B2B2C) who are not familiar with the legal system, and to whom the players in the field, including lawyers, courts, regulators, governmental systems etc. are unable to assist.

For example, a central problem in many law firms today is the habit of billing per hour. This ancient custom creates a gap between the end costumers as a result of the uncertainty with regards to the actual amount due. As a consequence, many legal tech companies around the world offer a parallel service providing legal documents online, for a fixed price and with rapid delivery, saving the client money and ensuring transparency.

These services, however, do not replace the services of a lawyer, but do reach an audience that law firms do not normally reach, such as people who cannot afford a good lawyer.

Regarding the legal tech sector in Israel and the world:

Leading law firms in the world have already realized that there is no escape from change. On one hand, the world is moving towards automatization, where clients are used to receiving quality and efficient services from different applications ‘on the spot’ – and expect the same from their lawyers. On the other hand, the competition in the legal field is only getting stronger, even more so in the Israeli legal market. Law firms are realizing that they must adopt new technologies in order to keep up with the growing competition and with the immediacy of information available at our fingertips.   

Legal-tech solutions are no novelty in the ‘Start-up Nation’. Both small and major law firms are publicizing their legal-tech systems as part of their competitive added value, and in parallel, legal-tech companies are enjoying a growing reputation, raising capital and even seeking international markets in which they can expand. The trend is promising, yet there is much room for growth, as many ‘old school’ lawyers recoil from adopting new technologies – and this is precisely where we step in.       

What are the services which we provide?

The Tech&Law department offers many types of services for Israeli legal tech companies, for both start-ups and established companies seeking to grow, or to enter the Israeli and other markets.  In addition, we assist law firms and accountant offices that seek technological solutions and assistance in the implementation of target software; legal consultants of in-house departments seeking legal technological solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of in-house legal departments; and clients seeking to raise capital.

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The Team
Zohar Fisher

Zohar Fisher

Founder at Robus Legal Marketing Co-Founder at LawFlex Founder at Tech&Law – Israel’s 1st LegalTech platform Israel