Israeli legaltech in the spotlight – Darrow’s Journey: The startup fighting for more effective justice.

Ludivine Sellem

Ludivine Sellem

Darrow, named after the famous American lawyer Clarence Darrow, is an Israeli startup founded in 2020 by Evyatar Ben Artzi, Elad Spiegelman, and Gila Hayat. Evyatar Ben Artzi and Elad Spiegelman met at the law school, and after graduating, they worked as clerks for the Supreme Court of Israel.

During their time in court, they observed that many cases of legal violations committed by companies were undetected and never reached the court. Recognizing a failure in the justice system, the two lawyers – with the assistance of Gila Hayat, software engineer and data scientist – decided to develop a machine learning-based platform capable of remedying this issue. Among the plethora of information from various sources such as social networks, news outlets, litigation sources, and financial information, the AI-powered platform can detect harmful events, predict litigation outcome and assess financial value of case.

Thanks to the use of technologies, particularly AI, the platform identifies violations committed by companies across various legal domains such as data breach and privacy issues, customer protection, securities and financial fraud, and environment. Consequently, it delivers justice to the victims of those breaches. Co-founder Evyatar Ben Artzi, emphasizes the importance of clarifying that Darrow can’t be solely defined as a “legal tech company”. Darrow is more than this. It’s a company dedicated to a just a cause: “a world of frictionless justice”. Its mission is to find and resolve every undiscovered legal violation.

The company has earned a solid global reputation by pioneering the field of claim mining. With over 100 employees, including one team based in Tel Aviv and another in New York, it already serves numerous leading law firms and generates millions of dollars in revenue. It continuously drives innovation and revolutionizes the legal industry, as demonstrated by the launch of its new tool: PlaintiffLink. This tool was designed for a singular purpose: to “bridge the gap between attorneys and people seeking legal representation”. It enables law firms to efficiently connect with qualified plaintiffs for their cases. Based on the plaintiff’s profile, the lawyer can decide whether to take on the file or not. With PlaintiffLink, lawyers can easily and quickly connect with high quality plaintiffs. For plaintiffs willing to share personal data to resolve their legal issue, this tool provides a genuine guarantee of trust, connecting them with a lawyer who is competent to assist them and secure a victory.

Thus, Darrow has received significant acclaim in Israel for its innovative contributions to legal tech. The company’s commitment to excellence and groundbreaking solutions has positioned it as a key player in the local legal tech scene.

Besides, Darrow recently raised $35 million in Series B funding, with Georgian leading the round and current investors, F2, Entrée Capital and NFX participating. Thanks to this funding, the company will be able to recruit more engineers and business development talent, expand into new legal areas of expertise and invest in technology assets to scale language models they use. According to the CTO, Gila, Darrow’s primary goal is to be the “go-to” for law firms out there.

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