Amit Levin

Amit Levin

Intern, University of Pittsburgh

In a period characterized by seeking improvement and growth, the Israeli legal field has taken on the challenge in a new way: legal tech. Within this newer subsidiary of the legal field, several companies have developed groundbreaking technology to help customers and workers be more efficient.

Some of these companies include:

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LawGeex was established in 2014 because Noory Bechor, who worked in corporate law prior to becoming a co-founder, discovered a flaw in the Israeli law system. Bechor wanted to help improve the inefficient ways of contract negotiations and reviews.

LawGeex pride themselves on the fact that their AI software provides customers with an extremely accurate contract review at a fraction of the time it would take a human-attorney. The firm works closely with the client’s current legal team and offers their software as a means to increase productivity. Creating, sending, and signing contracts is made easy with the software.

LawGeex’s headquarters are in Tel Aviv-Yafo, but their reach is not bound by the Israeli borders. They have worked with companies such as Dun & Bradstreet, Snowflake, General Electric, among others. After utilizing LawGeex’s software, eBay ­proclaimed, “Contract Review Automation is fundamentally changing how we work, helping us be more impactful.”

Litigate was founded in 2017 by Guy Uziel and Nimrod Aharon. In that short span, LitiGate was able to raise over $6,000,000 to be used to improving the software.

Litigate offers a powerful and trustworthy cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) operations system that helps lawyer’s complete repetitive tasks quicker, manage their case load more efficiently, and assist with information analysis. The software makes finding all necessary material easily available at the click of a button. Because the software is cloud-based, no application is needed, and all the information is backed-up and protected.

As soon as the software was operational, LitiGate made a huge impact on law firms and other companies in the field. LitiGate has and continues to work with some of the most prestigious firms around the world. One major company that have used the software is Baker McKenzie, who is a top 5 largest-grossing law firm in the world. A partner at Baker McKenzie said, “LitiGate is transforming the delivery of legal services.”

LawFlex was founded in Tel Aviv in 2015 as a branch company to Robus Consulting and Legal Marketing. While the two companies are separate, they share knowledge and experience to help elevate them both. 

LawFlex is an alternative Legal Service Provider (ALSP), which means that they offer legal services that differ than the conventional law firm. The way the software works is it pairs customers with one of the 600+ freelance lawyers in the system. When pairing customers with legal professionals, a lot of criteria is considered to ensure that the best match is made. LawFlex’s services offers affordable costs without any contracts and obligations. The typical clientele includes law firms, financial institutions, international corporations, and startups. LawFlex has 24 jurisdictions around the world, and for that reason, they offer their services in over 15 languages. The process to find and hire a legal team has never been easier. 

Even though LawFlex has only been around for about 6 years, they have made an immense impact on both the legal tech and the ALSP industries. Some major industries that utilize the service include SodaStream, Gett, DexcelPharma, and Lumenis.

Ettorney has been a leader in the legal tech field since 2015. The idea for the company was born when the founder, Ron Hadar, was frustrated working with lawyers in his previous job. His goal was to change the legal system so no one would face the difficulties he did.

Ettorney is an online legal firm, and they offer customers affordable costs and absolute transparency in both the legal process and the pricing. The aim of the company is to lower the friction between customers and lawyers, to help ensure that the process is as simple, yet productive, as possible. Ettorney has had over 30,000 cases since the company’s establishment, and a large portion of the customers have returned to do business again. 

The idea and eventual product for Darrow was developed as a result of frustration from several severe violations never making it to court. The reason this impediment to justice occurred is partly because of data gathering and idea formation. Two lawyers, Elad Spiegelman and Evyatar Ben Artzi, and a computer engineer, Gila Hayat, came together to solve this discrepancy through the means of technology.

Darrow’s justice intelligence platform searches every crevice of the web to gather relevant data and find correlation between points. Lawyers using Darrow have all the necessary data right in front of their eyes, and they are even introduced to some key information they might have missed without the AI. With this software, severe violations will never be swept under the rug again because of data formation.

Darrow has grown tremendously since its creation in 2020, raising a total of $24M in that span. In only two years, they were able to open a second office in New York City, with the first being in Tel Aviv.  

SueApp was founded in 2018 by Tom Lavi and Eran Natanzon after difficulties solving a dispute. They discovered that all around the world, people were suffering from small legal wrong doings by major companies and had no way to fight back on small claims. They wanted to change that.

SueApp allows anyone to file a claim in as little as 10 minutes — no law experience needed. The AI system walks the customer through every step and directly connects the plaintiff to the regions court system. The platform gathers public data and previous cases to build a strong case for the customer.

After success in Israel, SueApp is looking to expand into the US. The company will move into Florida and partner with auto-insurance giants to provide small claim litigation to the public. In their very young existence, SueApp has raised over $123,000,000 and once the US expansion goes through, those numbers will increase significantly.

BestPractix was founded in 2017 but was bought by the American Litera in 2020. The company was founded by Omer Hayum, who previously worked as a corporate lawyer, business consultant, and a Natural Language Processing (NLP) expert. Omer Hayum remained with BestPractix after the acquisition by Litera.

BestPractix’s AI interface simplifies the contract drafting, collaborating, and signing process for lawyers and businesses. The platform uses both public contracts and past company ones to edit the tone and language of the documents, so they are more uniform.

Assist-Ant was founded in 2014 by Yaron Tanne. The goal of the company was to save time and money while writing documents. The software has several functions that include autocorrect, grammar check, and predictive text. Assist-Ant can complete filling in information without the writer needing to switch tabs and disrupt the flow of the writing. For example, if the writer writes the beginning of a certain law, Assit-Ant will finish writing the entire law, preventing the customer from needing to switch back and forth between tabs constantly.


AgreeMap was founded by Aviv Mor and Shani Holdengreber for the purpose of fundamentally changing the way businesses operate and to strengthen stakeholder relationships. The AgreeMap software creates, negotiates, and manages legal contracts, aiming to make the paperwork process as quick and painless as possible. They also aim to make contracts more understandable for those without extensive legal experience.

Clawdia.AI was founded in 2020 by Vardit Legali and Shimon Magal. Clawdia is an automated online legal service that offers legal services and advice around the clock. The company’s primary goal is to encourage entrepreneurs by simplifying the legal terminology used in the business world and give them the legal tools necessary to succeed.

Conflicteam’s unique algorithm settles disputes with a contractual agreement in which both parties share a fair load of the burden. The software considers both parties compromise requests and formulates a fair median. If the compromise gets denied by either party, the system gives the two parties another chance to make a compromise before making a new offer. If the proposed offers keep being rejected by either or both parties, the platform has up to 30 days to keep trying to reach a compromise that both parties approve.

CybeReady was founded in 2015 by Omer Taran and Mike Polatsek. The company aims to spread awareness of cyber security by training all the employees of a company. If hired, CybeReady conducts monthly trainings, on top of equipping their security training software, to ensure that everyone at a company knows how they can prevent and minimize the potential for cyber security breaches. On a weekly basis, CybeReady prepares an activity report detailing the weeks activity progress.

Since its creation, CybeReady has moved their offices to California and have expanded to 80 countries across the globe. The company has gained so much recognition that they won the 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Award for best cyber security training program.

Disputec offers conflict resolution through the means of communication. They believe that by understanding eachother and talking about the issues, compromises could be made. To accomolish this, the software asks both parties a series of binary (yes/no) questions. The software compares both party’s answers and finds gaps in the responses. Then, a compromise can be reached using the gaps that the parties have. Due to all the questions being binary, the parties can share their thoughts without having the conversation escalate or the relationship deteriorate – it’s strictly business.

BoarDirector is a project management software that makes work life easier. The software can do everything from storing documents, scheduling meetings, leaving reminders, setting agendas, and collaborating on projects.

DocuMeet is a project management software that keeps all tasks and meetings organized on a timeline. Tasks can be assigned to individuals and managers can monitor their progress. DocuMeet can connect directly to outlook or google calendars, sending out notifications when needed. Also, post meetings, meeting summaries highlighting key information can be made and shared. On top of the summaries, meeting minutes are automatically made and sent out to everyone post meetings.

GetStatus was founded in 2015 by Shay Anavi. GetStatus is a project management service that gives customers a customer-portal to enter from so they can monitor the progress of their project. By having a customer portal, customer satisfaction increases, and the time wasted meeting with clients and explaining the progression is decreased. When using GetStatus, everyone is happy — the lawyer and the client.

IHOV is a platform for lawyers that makes getting paid easier. Customers use the easy-to-use application to make payments, sign contracts, view rates, and much more. Lawyers no longer need to chase down customers for payments or paperwork, everything is in one, easy to find, location.

Integrity Software was founded in 2011 by Erez Goldstein. The Israeli company offers desktop virtualization and cyber security to its clients.

LawGic was founded in 2017. The idea for the company came from the envy of every lawyer who had to complete paperwork to submit to the courts. With LawGic’s automated document creation, the process of completing paperwork is simple and efficient. Lawyers can now devote more time doing other parts of the job that are a lot less tedious.

The company was founded in 2019 in Israel but moved to operate out of Madison, New Jersey. The software creates documents for a firm based on a firm’s patterns and knowledge. Also, LegalUp gathers the necessary data for documents from the customer directly by having them answer a questionnaire.

Lexense offers a simple and efficient way for customers with little legal knowledge to file and fight civil cases. Besides the filing fees, the customer is only required to pay after they win the claim, so if they happen to lose, they do not carry a heavy burden. Some of the civil cases Lexense specialize in include consumer, employment, house & rent, accidents & injuries, debts, and privacy & defamation.

LightKey was founded in 2016 by Guy Katabi and Eran Brauer. The software allows the writer to compose emails, write memos, and so much more in a more accurate and faster manner. LightKey learns the authors writing patterns and habits and can predict up to 18 words. On top of text prediction, LightKey also fixes spelling mistakes, finds better adjectives or verbs to replace the more elementary ones, and corrects grammatical issues. The software is available on several programs that range from Microsoft Office, social media websites, Email services, online texting programs, and so much more.

Llabo was founded in 2022 by Assaf Noy. Llabo is a project management service offered specifically for law firms. The program offers all the necessary programs for a project management service that other companies offer, such as virtual meeting options, folders within the program for organization, and ability to assign tasks. On top, it offers services that most project management programs do not: Esignatures, “in-person” signatures over a video call, document preparation, and a lifetime back-up to ensure nothing is lost.

Modulegal was founded in 2019 by Sarit Shemer Sliwowicz. Modulegal saves lawyers valuable time by helping to create legal documents with all the necessary information. On top, the service gives the customer and the lawyer a means of communication, which is secure and easy to use.

SecEng Consulting was founded in 2017 by Ital Dar. They assist clients in discovering vulnerabilities within their operating systems so the clients can upgrade them and protect their business. On top of the vulnerability tests, SecEng’s services include crises management, complex security designs, operational security plans, evacuation planning, investigations after crisis, and much more. SecEng Consulting has grown drastically over the last several years that they now operate in Israel, USA, several African countries, several European countries, and several Asian countries.

SecEng Consulting

SecEng Consulting was founded in 2017 by Ital Dar. They assist clients in discovering vulnerabilities within their operating systems so the clients can upgrade them and protect their business. On top of the vulnerability tests, SecEng’s services include crises management, complex security designs, operational security plans, evacuation planning, investigations after crisis, and much more. SecEng Consulting has grown drastically over the last several years that they now operate in Israel, USA, several African countries, several European countries, and several Asian countries.

Similari was founded in 2018 by Udi Cohen and Ori Calvo. Their goal was to make researching simple and accurate. Their solution was Similari. Similari is an insight solution AI system that uses all the uploaded information and data as well as the internet to connect dots and formulate conclusions. Using Similari, Lawyers save an extensive amount of time on research and can focus on other aspects of their job.

SpecterX was founded in 2019 by Nimrod Barel, Guy Hizkiau, and Wolf Hisserich. SpecterX offers a platform in which all the information and tasks can be accessed from anywhere in the world, not just the office. Even with the ability to access the information anywhere, it is still secure, meaning that only those with specific authorization can access the information.


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Wasavi is an application that works with any messenger app, such as WhatsApp, and adds several functions. Some functions it adds to the application includes assigning tasks, setting reminders, automatic text messages, message monitoring, and much more. For businesses that operate in a more business casual environment, where texting through WhatsApp is acceptable, Wasavi works great to maintain the professional feel through the text messages.

Cligal, founded by Dor Goldiner, is an automation system designed to help lawyers complete their everyday tasks more efficiently. Cligal can autofill paperwork, send documents to customers for signatures, edit PDF’s, and redact confidential information from legal documents before sending them to others. Cligal has worked with 1,500 law firms and 9000 legal professionals. In the process of trying to reduce the amount of paper used, they have, thus far, eliminated 90% of the paper usage. Cligal sees a future where everything is electronic, and they are at the forefront of electronic legal documentation.

AnyLaw offers free legal research to anyone. With a simple search, finding precedent and similar cases is easy and inexpensive. It is possible to filter searches to specific jurisdictions as well as to specific court circuits. The company was established in 2018 and is headquartered in New York.

Advanscreen was established in 2018 in Tel Aviv by Idan Levy and Oded Merhav. This “Know Your Customer” regulatory technology allows companies to know exactly who they are working with, allowing for more educated engagement decisions. The software creates screening documentation that is quick and accurate.

This electronic payment company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in New York. The company offer a variety of services and solutions, all of which make transaction processes efficient and trackable. Some of the services they offer include a cloud-based software, as well as phone and tablet applications.

Valire offers a cyber security service in the form of fraud detection. Their self-learning, cognitive software detects where a company is susceptible to cyber breeches and cyber-attacks and helps protect the company. The software gives real-time alerts when potentially fraudulent activity occurs. Another service of Valire is the advanced analytics automatically created by the AI. Using the analytics, companies can learn how to better protect their assets.

Hevra Bedaka offers new companies an easy, painless, and inexpensive way to register the company. In three simple steps, a company can go from just an idea to a legally recognized brand. Hevra Bedaka helps CEO’s with all the paperwork and legal work, so the owners can focus on what matters most, growing their company.

The PIL Automated SaaS solution is a compliance management tool for financial institutions. It creates a database of relevant regulations that is dynamically integrated with online government agency regulations. Compliance requirements and obligations are integrated as another layer to create comprehensive generic checklists for each vertical market. The system also includes a dynamic repository of tasks, reports, and other tools to help manage compliance. Because the system is constantly updated with changes to government agency regulations, users do not need to monitor the regulatory environment. PIL helps regulated companies stay ahead in the regulatory compliance race.

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