Newsletter: October 2017

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#LegalTechLives With Ozzy Gdalevitch, Director of Tech&Law Israel

First off, can you introduce yourself and Tech&Law Israel? I am currently the director of Tech&Law Israel. Prior to that, I was a corporate lawyer in a large Canadian law firm. I have been passionate about legaltech and legal innovation ever since I participated in LawWithoutWalls while in law school. Tech&Law Israel is the first legaltech community in Israel, and we bring together different players interested in legal innovation.

Legaltech weekly summary: Legaledge 2017 and Spotify’s acquisition

This week we are actually even more delighted to bring you this weekly legal tech summary, since we ourselves are part of the news this week, as it was announced that Ido Goldberg, head of the tech&law platform, will speak in an international legal innovation conference later this month. Moreover, we congratulate our friends in […]

The revolution of AI

Many years have passed since Sir Tim Berners-Lee used to index the Internet by hand. Since then, search engines became our main tool for finding the stuff we need in this endless ocean of data. We all got so used to it, that we hardly ever think of how incredible it is that a query […]

Knowledge is power – the success story of LexMachina

In one of the mythical scenes from the Matrix, Morpheus connects Neo to several electrodes and cables and "uploads" into him the knowledge and skills of martial arts within a few minutes. At the end of the process, Neo opens his eyes and says one of the most well-known sentences in the trilogy - "I […]